Hamza Naseem Iqbal

Hamza Naseem IqbalAn Experiential Learning Facilitator and Co-founder of Youth Impact; Pakistan’s number one Social Startup in 2015, who travels across the corporate sector to understand organizational needs and devise tailor-made solutions for their most pressing challenges concerning human behavior. Over a short span of two years, Hamza has worked to train and develop people at some of the top organizations in Pakistan including but not limited to HBL, Red Cross and Telenor. Hamza’s training style consists of curiosity, Experiential Learning and unpredictable humor. He hopes to be counted as a grain in the sand of human development, in the hope that human development will become the pillar that sustains Pakistan’s growth. Adventure is a serious affair for Hamza: with hands on experience in mountaineering and rock climbing, Hamza leverages experiential learning to promote the legacy of wilderness based Leadership Development programs in Pakistan pioneered by the Training Impact team in 2004. Jungle is the doorway to transformation learning.

Winning ideas excite Hamza. One such idea he has conceptualized is Markhor – the wilderness based youth Leadership conference. Others include Freedom Bell – an excruciatingly revealing journey into one’s own self in the presence of nature.

When not on the corporate floor, Hamza works at Youth Impact, devising sustainable youth Leadership Development solutions and helping steer the organization as member of its Executive Committee. At the next step, Hamza plans to leverage his work in youth capacity building for Youth Policy development and advocacy.

Training expertise

  • Public Speaking & Communication
  • Team Building
  • Self-Awareness and Identity

Core belief as trainer

“Trainers don’t teach anything new! They extract old lessons from our collective subconscious and inspire us to learn and change.”

Hamza’s model on business communication

Hamza Naseem Iqbal Model



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