Coaching: A Way of Life at PEL

Raza Nabi

We, at Pak Elektron Limited, have always taken two things very seriously; helping people grow and encouraging them to innovate ideas. Both these areas may seem to sound out of fashion in terms of latest HR trends, but they mean the world to us. Our focus on the , human  element in Human Resources is the core of our success.  Since 2016, we have focused on developing a strong coaching culture through various internal training programs such as Vortex, Roots and Embracing Excellence. These programs focused on personal development and good governance.  Through a culture of coaching, we can help people achieve their individual development targets and facilitate them to come up with their value-adding ideas which enable them to feel purposeful  while contributing towards organization’s success. However, all this is not possible without a continuous interaction of  valuable dialogue with them.

Communication and Understanding: Core Elements of Coaching

These dialogues are not easy. They take time and energy. It requires the whole team’s dedication to the cause. Our employees are the source of energy for us and motivation to keep making continuous efforts towards such a daunting task. We keep a very close liaison with people throughout this organization. Talking to them and listening to their needs, helping them realize their potential, guiding them in setting their development goals, facilitating them in achieving those goals and always giving them a positive feedback to overcome averse situations is what our team lives for here at PEL.

Coaching benefits the Coach as Well:

The best part about such work is that you feel accomplished at the end of each day. One feels he/she has made a small difference in someone’s life and has played a part in their journey towards success.

Balance Between Organizational Vision and Employee Engagement:

This culture has really helped us, at PEL, to achieve another goal i.e.; creating a balance between people’s expectations and organization’s actual situation. Open communication, continuous engagement at every level and always being ready to answer any query has helped our HR Team to connect both management’s vision and employee engagement throughout the organization. Our regular meetups with people working throughout this organization, at every level, have helped them in their confidence and trust that to be more open to sharing.

Coaching is not Limited to the HR Function:

The scope of helping people realize their goals should not be limited to HR department only. This vision is shared by people across the organization. Many of our managers who are looking after remote teams not only help their team members to achieve their organizational goals but also guide them to set personal development goals too.

In conclusion; we have not created this culture of coaching only to help people realize their potential and competence, but to change their lives. For us at PEL, it is not about what contribution an individual has made in the organization’s success; it’s about what contribution we have made in that particular individual’s life to make it a success. As Maya Angelou said, “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”, therefore we inspire people to share their stories and enable them to fulfill their dreams.

Raza Nabi is currently serving as Human Resources Business Partner at Pak Elektron Limited

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