Haris Mehmood

Haris_MANAGEMENTHaris is always in pursuit of excellence and continuously trying to explore and understand human psyche and nature. An engineer by education, and a Trainer by choice and passion, he loves verbally sparring with people and enjoys seeing them change in the process.

When it comes to training design, he puts himself into trainee’s shoes and is known to identify the performance gaps to be filled. Because of his training design and his fun and interactive way of delivery, his Training sessions act as a very powerful change agent for the participants, in their lives and their performance at the workplace.

Haris has a strong background knowledge in art and science. He is a member of American society for Training and Development and Pakistan Engineering counsel. He has completed Gamification Expert and Organizational Analysis certifications from University of Pennsylvania, USA and Stanford University respectively.

Haris has experience of facilitating both indoor and outdoor wilderness based Training Programs for various corporate clients.

Training expertise

  • Decision making and Problem Solving
  • Employee Engagement and Motivation
  • Team Building
  • Creative and Analytical thinking

Core beliefs as trainer

“I have Always been driven by human psyche and nature. I strongly believe that if you put yourself in trainee’s shoes you will always identify performance gaps”

Haris’s model on adventure programming

Haris Mehmood Model


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