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Training Programs for Company Employees:

There is a wide spectrum of a variety of courses that Training Impact has to offer in the indoor as well as outdoor setting. All the programs have a lot of room for Customization and incorporation of the culture, values, mission and vision of the company that seeks out our training. The sessions are in connectivity with the dynamism of the market and the business sector of Pakistan specifically. They are a great harmonization of the teachings of the West and Asia and the real-life scenarios and context of the company and the country of origin of the participants. The baseline method used is Experiential Learning.

Teamwork Training Programs

One such genre that the Trainers at Training Impact are an old hand at are the programs that inculcate the many varied aspects of Teamwork. From how to develop and manage teams to how to be a most valued team player and being a leader follower; our trainers cover them all as per the requirements and trainer assessments of the company in question.

The learning and outcomes from the programs vary on the many scales: the objectives as outlined by the company in question, the study of the trainers on the structure and culture of that company, the dynamic; indoor or outdoor of the program itself, the personality of the participants, the level of office that the participants hold in the organization among numerous other variables.

Teamwork is an area in the training programs offered by Training Impact that is best learned through practical techniques and proactive participation during the training. Experience is the best and most influential teacher for most people. By observing the behaviors of the participants in teamwork situations, cataloging their mode of interactions, and recording their verbal and physical language the trainers are able to decipher what drives each individual. They openly analyze the behaviors exhibited in the projects for everyone to learn from. The psychology and business value of each action or verbal statement is scrutinized from the point of view of cause, effect and consequence so that people are consciously aware of the effects they have when interacting in a particular way in team situations.

The salient features of the program vary on the basis of two things; the learning to fun ratio and the classroom: indoors or Wilderness. In the latter case, there is not a complete dichotomy but a mix of the two is also presented in the form of Conferences, Away Days, resort based programs and luxury camping. This is further augmented by the former aspect which is the learning to fun ratio. Programs that have a higher level of learning are those which are more rigorous and serious in combating the issues that people face in leading, developing and maintaining teams and an atmosphere that is conducive to teams.

Leadership Training Programs

Another aspect that the Trainers have immense research work done and experience is the vast area of Leadership Development. The trainers are constantly on the scavenger hunt for valuable and prominent research on leadership that is applicable to the unique situations of our clients. Our trainers would be the first to say that a leader and leadership as a discourse is as fluid as water which molds itself to the shape of the vessel it resides in. the vessel being the externalizes that are outside the realm of control of a leader.

The training programs, indoor and outdoor, are structured in a manner that pinpoints the pressure areas related to Leadership Development and customize the learning to address that context and situation, coming up with solutions and behaviors that if applied, could rectify or salvage the situation. Training Impact’s trainers and facilitators would be the first one to tell individuals who seek our programs that there is no one size fits all in leadership training. There are as many different characteristics of leadership as there are people. What worked for Lee Iaccoca and Jack Welch may not work for the leaders in the ethnicity of Pakistan. Or what worked for Mian Mansha may actually be entirely applicable to the situation of a budding leader. Everything is relative. And it is the job of our trainers to investigate to the root of the issue or need and devise a solution whose structure fits that of the company to a T.

Leadership, like Teamwork, is another area that is not passively learned and brought into reality. It is something that ripens like fine wine, through experience. The variety of programs on leadership ranging from strategic leadership to leader follower ship focusing on various spots that require attention. The programs have Customization activities and projects engage the participants emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. There is sync in the mind and body that also embeds the lessons that are derived from those activities. the insights people take away are a great cause of introspection that leads to shifting attitudes and is manifest through overt behavior displayed in workplace settings.

Our flagship program, Leadership Expedition, is especially powerful and impact full when it comes to the above-mentioned process. The meticulous research put into the content of the course, the construction and logistics of the Wilderness Programs developed and the calibration and utilization of the wilderness with the program makes for an experience unlike any other offered, not only in Pakistan but around the world.

The expedition styled program uses wilderness as the teacher and the trainers as the facilitators who guide the people through the learning process that they themselves are responsible for. The learning is balanced on the knife-edge of a particular level of pain endurance that triggers the learning process. This scale has been developed after many years of corporate and wilderness research by the trainers and their talented team of facilitators, liaisons and logistics managers.

Management Function Specific Programs

Apart from the two big areas of personal development. Training Impact also offers more focused interventions when it comes to line management and even support functions in a company. To date we have done multiple training sessions with teams from sales and marketing, accounting and finance, supply chain, human resource management and administrative functions management to name a few. We have also conducted training with project teams and cross functional teams on Management Skills Development and result driven performance among many others.

For a company to operate at its utmost potential the productivity of each department individually and collectively is of utmost importance. On the job training and inductive training are part of the norm and do assist in the everyday smoothness of functions but deep-rooted problems and recurrent issues are only dealt through taking that contingent out of the company setting and putting them in situations that at once relaxes the tension of the workplace and challenges them to achieve new summits and explore themselves.

These are the niches in which the programs of Training Impact succeed bringing new developments and change.

Self-Management and Personal Excellence

Another area that our trainers are specialized in is the development of individuals to become change leaders in their context and organization. The programs in this segment are geared towards Personal Development and Excellence. Through emotional and self-management people can achieve great heights of their hidden potential. The trainers promote empathy and self-reflexive in their courses so as to push people to know themselves better. Only then will they be able to go on to the next step to understanding others, leading and managing them effectively as well as productively. The trainers use Experiential Learning to root out reactive behavior and analyze it in light of the issues people face in organization because of their thought processes, attitudes and behaviors.

Ethics and values as well as positive culture creation are the areas that the trainers focus on when they work on manifest behaviors as a result of their programs. Individuals come out of the programs knowing more about themselves and what triggers their behaviors. The training are very focused on inducing empathy among the participants, promoting the importance a more humane human who is tolerant and seeks to understand the root of the reactions that others show rather than reacting themselves.

Conflict management and resolution is also an area that is covered in this genre. Especially in connection to self-control and management. The entirety of the programs in this section, through different modes, methods and activities try to engage the individual such that they are intrinsically motivated and consciously aware to become change leaders.

Programs on Problem Solving, Lateral Thinking and Decision Making

There are also programs offered solely on the basis of how productive one’s attitude is towards the tasks one is allotted. This includes being able to solve problems, deal with complexity creatively and make decisions promptly keeping in mind the host of pros and cons they come with.

The focus of the program is to change the thinking process of individuals to reflect creativity, problem solving and strategy formation. The programs in this genre enable people to be sound planners and visionaries. These sessions show that anyone can be creative and insightful with some focus on structured thinking processes.

These programs are specially designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the individuals who seek out this program. Most of us are schooled in the method of vertical thinking which means that creativity, reflection and insight does not come to many of us naturally. But our trainers show with finesse and ease that this skill and/or competency can be easily acquired through practical experience.