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The difference between learning and training

Another way to refer to training and development is Learning and DevelopmentBut in the case of the latter, it is more focused on how much information the employee has retained rather than how much training has been conducted. The turn in phrasing has a lot to do with the fact that now the focus of most organizations is on the specific Learning processes of the individuals rather than the training and the company. Organizations try to devise ways to arrive at a win-win situation when it comes to improving the skills and prowess of their workers. Over time there has been a shift from using the term Training and Development to Learning and Development, mainly because companies are realizing that the training should not be done on what the upper management feels is needed but on the learning abilities of the employees. This way training sessions are much more holistic and realistic and have more results. Because more often than not they contain information that employees and staff want to engage in.

Training Impact’s Role

Training Impact specifically pays attention to the needs of the clients and their employees. Our trainers visit the company and interact with the individuals at different levels to get a feel of the culture of the company and interact with some or all of the participants to draw a mind map of where the people are psychologically situated. Our trainers do in-depth analysis of what is stated to be required and what is actually required by the individuals in the company.

This in-depth analysis and the many years of experience behind our Training Impact trainers enable them to bring forth customized solutions for the pressure points that the company has. The learning centered programs, interventions and initiatives that Training Impact offers are such that they provide the employees with learning that is flexible and can be applied to their workplace.

A recent article by HBR stated that most Leadership training fail because the learning are not conducive to the learning environments of the participants, who go back to the workplace with energy and enthusiasm but are not able to lift the mundanity and monotony of the everyday workings of the workplace. This tones down their motivation and plays havoc with their self-esteem. Training Impact on the other hand, has it inbuilt in its programs to provide the participants the awareness and the wherewithal to fight the status quo and implement the learning despite the rigidity of the structure of their companies.

The role of Training Impact is to give the participants the onus to take action and bring change in their company rather than passively waiting for the company to change.

Learning & Development Needs

The needs of learning and development arise from time to time as per the performance evaluation and Training Need analysis (TNA) conducted by organizations. Training Impact also caters to the companies who require their TNA to be conducted by doing it for them and providing a list of possible Interventions and Programs that could be done for the different cadres in the company. Learning and Development needs arise not only as a result of lower productivity levels but also when there is a need for change or enhancement of the culture and status quo.

Learning and Development’s Role

Individuals engaged in Learning and Development within the company or in Learning and Development Training Impactindependent companies conduct Formative and summative evaluations over a period of time to see the real time need of employees and management. The needs of the management change over time as per the larger goals set by the Senior Management Team, so do the requirements from the employees change. At one time, they may be focused more on building cohesion among the different departments or projects while at another time they may have to focus on how to achieve a higher level of sales. This strategy execution can only take place if the employees are equipped with the right skills, behaviors and attitudes. The job of learning and development is to work on the latter two to ensure that the employees have the mental strength and perspicacity to pursue and accomplish the larger goals. Earning them self-actualization, possible promotions and self-confidence.

The role of Learning and Development is often times not tangible or concretely visible which is why it’s worth may be underestimated. But it has the sole ability to form and uphold the culture of a company. Training Impact is involved in the creation of long-term cultural demented and development initiatives that promote a culture based on values and principles that are integral to the foundation of the company. The team of trainers at Training Impact are focused and intent on providing customized formulas and solutions for companies to institutionalize culture and cascade it throughout the organization so that each and every individual feels part of a corporate society of sorts.

Training Impact firmly believes that learning should not end at the classroom but should be inculcated into the very fiber of the company.  The environment of organizations should have the ability to promote learning that is directly linked to the success and productivity of the company and also linked to an individual’s personal development. Employees who know that their company is looking out for their personal development will also take initiatives to further employee engagement and be more proactive in getting results for the company.

Employee engagement and learning is not only a top down necessity that has to be instigated and provided by the company alone. In fact, in order to create ownership and more accountability among the employees and management, they should be given the incentive to propose more ways to improve the systems, structures and doings of the company within the resources that are present. This in itself is a learning opportunity for company members and make them feel more a part of the ‘family’.

Training Impact’s Long-Term Initiatives

Our Training Impact Trainers have developed initiatives and interventions that Learning and Development Programhave helped strengthen the backbone of many companies. These initiatives are long-term in nature and are not restricted to classroom or indoor programs but involve a variety of tools and research to plan and execute. Research is done on the organization, secondary research is done to corroborate our methods and a process devised that specifically roots out the pressure points of a company, understands them and tackles them.

Because people are the backbone of any company they should be invested on. The processes that we devise for the companies keep in mind the different cadres and steps of hierarchies’ present. Then detailed study and analysis enable us to propose ways on what should be done to bring in cohesion and an inclusive culture based on long-lasting values and foundational principles. There are many benefits of making the environment palatable for the individuals who are working there most of the day. It promotes loyalty, Ownership, cohesion, trustworthiness and many other values.