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Strategic Leadership Xpedition is designed to achieve a two dimensional purpose. First is to pursue our quest for leadership learning at various levels of leadership. For those who have been part of Leadership Xpedition SLX will give them an opportunity to practice leadership at the top. Facilitating leadership development program, first hand, coaching those in the leadership pipeline with right kind of feedback and helping them develop leadership development agenda for future will be the key learning for the Veteran Leadership Xpeditionists.

Secondly, for the new team members who have not been through such programs before and are relatively new to the company, this will be both, learning leadership and exploring one another at an unprecedented level. Overall achieving a higher level of team work will be the ad-on for all the participants.

  • Program style: Xpedition
  • STI (sustainable transformation index): 9/10
  • Duration: 4-5 days (3/4 nights)
  • Program dynamics:  Survival, trekking, strategy & autonomy, real life scenarios