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Team Xpedition is a 3 days wilderness based team development program. This experiential program is designed to pull out the participants from their comfort zones with the help of activities that challenge both the mind and the body. In these purpose built challenges, how the team members support one another can be a good learning anchorage for how they should support one another during their workplace challenges. The activities bring out the creative side of the mind with a lot of positive energy absorbed and radiated, thus resulting into highly charged peak performing team. The 3 days experience with 2 nights camping provides ample time for the entire group to get connected. The natural forces prevailing in the wilderness are capitalized by the team of facilitators by converting them into opportunities for team bonding, self-discovering in a very serene environment, facilitated by experienced trainer, will help participant understand true meaning of life. It also provides an opportunity to recognizing their true potential and areas that require change.

Impact works with clients to choose the best mix of challenges, level of debriefing and team development components. Participants’ professional profile and health condition is kept in consideration while designing the entire program. The wilderness based outdoor projects provide life time experiences to the individuals and the team.

  • Program style: Xpedition
  • STI (sustainable transformation index): 8/10
  • Duration: 3 to 4 days
  • Program dynamics: Survival, trekking, autonomy, real life scenarios