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Training and Development programs

Training Impact is one of the leading independent Training and Development firms in Pakistan. The Training Impact Trainers believe that Training and Development is one of the few ways to make the business sector be more progressive. But that is not all. Training Impact feels that a country can prosper if its people are given the impetus to explore their potential which will lead them to conquer unwarranted heights. The role of Training and Development is not only to prepare people for future management positions or how to do their current job better for the profits of the company. Rather, the role of training and development is more about developing individuals who have the foresight to see their path into the future and grab opportunities or make them. It not only offers Organizational Development but an ongoing learning opportunity apart from formal education.

The programs designed by Training Impact have a bipartite goal of developing individuals for themselves and for the companies they work for as well. Through hard skills and soft skills training, the skill sets of people are augmented and gives them an insight into what they are capable of doing. It also prepares them for the management roles that they are bound to exceed to in the future.

Benefits of Training and Development

There are many benefits of training and development for a company and an individual as a whole. First of all, it takes care of the life-long learning of people and makes them understand that in order to succeed in life they have to keep on learning to sustain and assist what they already know, especially in today’s work of quicksilver technological changes and developments.

The programs and  interventions that Training Impact has to offer also include emotional development and self-management. Because the team at Training Impact believes that the only way to develop leaders is to make those who are fully aware and conscious about themselves. Only then will they be leaders who have the temerity to inspire others and for others to be inspired. Furthermore, the programs aim to make individuals who are conscious of what happens around them. It creates the impetus among them to improve what is around them.

The initiatives do not end there,Training Impact makes sure that the training has had an impact on the performance of the people who had gone through the training. The programs are developed around the issues, contexts and type of company that the client comes from. So that each training addresses the specific instances and circumstances that the people face. This way the learning is directly relevant and applicable to the workplace of the participants. This gives them triggers in their external environment that push them into action to apply what they had learned during the duration of the program. Afterwards, the trainers at Training Impact also make sure that the learning are sustained by carefully studying the structure and culture of the company and advancing suggestions that could help cascade the learning and make them embedded in the system. Such interventions include coaching, cultural, structural, strategic and ones related to profitability or expansion and its impact.

The programs, long-term and short-term initiatives provide companies that Training Impact has worked with, a new direction or a firmer grasp on their purpose and mission. Not only this, but the people who undergo the training and initiatives also feel cherished and loyal to the company. The mind is curious by nature and many people especially the latest generations want to learn more and be able to develop to higher positions quicker. Nowadays, with the market so full of opportunities there is a lot of hopping about in jobs and positions. Employers need to invest in the employees learning for them to feel that they are an important and vital part of the company or else they would leave for greener pastures.

They are more eager to be an active part of the company if they know that the company is concerned about them in actuality and not just what work they do. Training Impact also believes that a company’s goal is not just to make as much profit as possible but also to educate its individuals for the betterment of larger society.

Training Impact Paradigm

Training Impact administers their training through the method and process of Experiential Learning and Education. This process is as ancient as time and has a lot of usage throughout history. It is quite simply learning by reflection on the doing. It is also connected with action learning and implementation based learning. In fact, the trainers constantly use the different methods out there under the umbrella of experience based learning.  The individual is the focus point of the training. Training Impact Trainers take into consideration the individual learning process and the unique manner in which everyone views the world. Only then is the program structured to provide an experience that leaves a person not only knowledgeable but wiser than before.

This is where the training is trainee centered and the Trainers or facilitators have a keen focus on the needs and requirements of the trainees. The training are designed around the principles of implementation based learning. This process is one which focuses on getting results and embed learning for the long term in the minds of the individuals involved in the programs.

The programs are constructed keeping in mind that all the areas should have the capability of embedding in the minds of the participants. This is because studies show again and again that more than watching or listening, people remember what they had practically done and engaged in. when an activity is done with your own hands, it tends to shore up confidence and make people believe that they could do more. It also reveals to them their own behavior that they might have been consistently engaged in but are not consciously aware pf doing. Programs like these make people more self-reflexive and that is the aim of training impact; to make socially aware individuals who are successful in their professional and personal lives.

The design of the indoor and Outdoor Program is based on extensive back work that requires the trainers and the logistics team to go to the learning site multiple times and prep it for the upcoming program. This way the uncertainty of the elements is controlled to be bearable and an environment is created for the fruitful learning of the participants. The training are more like chunks of simulated real-life scenarios, rather than training. The term, training is used by the Impact team because of the structure of the programs and the fact that people learn. But it is a far cry from the training that are the norm in this country. The indoor programs too are rigged in a way that the learning is completely dependent on the thought process of the individual such that the activities, reproduced scenarios and processes lightly steer them towards the learning but the participants are pushed to use and apply their cognitive abilities.

The Results of the Experiential Learning

When the people are given a situation that stimulates them in different ways to take action, their creative juices flow and many unlikely people come up to bat, who thought themselves less than capable to lead. The methods bring people out of their proverbial shells and shows them their place in the larger scheme of things. After the rigors of the doing and dealing emotionally and physically with the elements thrown at them by the Impact team and the natural setting- the people are given a chance to dwell on their thoughts and think deeply; introspectively and retrospectively about the happenings. Gleaning insights and seeing a facet of themselves that they would likely ignore or shroud in everyday life.

The program gives the participants courage, impetus and the wherewithal to do what they thought was impossible. The hardships and subsequent learning show the people that the impossible is more likely probable. Not only that but the programs, interventions and initiatives also bring to light the bedrock of a person’s life: the principles, values and beliefs. Everyone is able to see their actions and doings in the light of the principles that they hold or the world view that they come from. It shows them the stark reality of what they do versus what they believe and pushes them to rectify any errors or lapses they have engaged in.

The power of the programs offered by Training Impact is immense in scale and longevity. They are moments that are not easily forgotten. Participants are said to relive the moments they spent in the Training Impact programs, again and again