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Mr. Mir has been in the Finance Sector of Pakistan for the past 26 years, working and bringing change in different capacities. During that time, he has transformed much of it through his knowledge, expertise and Leadership acumen.

In his last assignment as CEO of UBL Fund Managers he is credited with uplifting a small-sized dwindling asset management firm to one of the most successful investment management firms in Pakistan. He led the company through many industry-first customer services initiatives and diversified suite of products (including Shariah-compliant funds and industry leader /pioneer capital protected funds), offering solid performance. Under his Leadership, the firm was recognized as the best managed in the whole financial sector by the Management Association of Pakistan in 2014 and 2015. Mir staunchly believes in Human Resource as being the core of an organization when it comes to change and Leadership. Despite background of a finance geek Mir is known for the love of developing people at work. For him the customer always comes first; be it external or internal. Mir’s investment is paradigm shift, and he measures his returns in the currency of change.

A graduate of IBA and Strathclyde University, Mir extracts –out of his vast experience of financial sector – powerful insights for organizational development. In 2016, he was inspired enough by Training Impact’s work to join us as an executive director and facilitator. He has worked in various international organizations such as Asian Development Bank and Pak Kuwait Investment Company, in different capacities.

Aside from his work with Training Impact, Mir runs thesportsstore.pk, an online sports shop as a business hobby!

  • Leadership and Human Resource Development
  • Building a Diversified Suite of Products
  • Financial Management
  • Developing Business Management

Mir is the proud holder of an MBA from IBA, but he didn’t stop there. He went to enhance the tenors of his degree and experience with an MSc in Finance from Strathclyde University, Scotland. He augmented his love of learning with a CFA from CFA institute.