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This program is considered among the most powerful leadership development programs in South Asia. LX is a wilderness based program that develops leadership skills in corporate executives by squeezing the leadership experience of years in just few days. It is the only program in Pakistan in which participants are put in challenging survival scenarios teaching specific leadership behaviors.

The Need

The challenging business environments and dynamic organizational structures today demand from every member the performance of an entrepreneur, with a high sense of ownership and responsibility in delivering PNL results. Leading teams is emerging as the most critical work behaviors for managers at various levels in the organizations. Ability of managers to lead people is instrumental to organizational development , success and sustainable growth. Ability to deal with and take well thought out risks to leverage learning and achieve audacious objectives is necessary.

Practicing Leadership

LX is a practical solution to the aforesaid challenges being faced by the organizations. At LX, an experience that would otherwise cost years is squeezed into a complete process of leadership in 3-5days. Participants stretch beyond their physical limitations towards inner transformation, reflecting, learning, and applying the learning from the program back to the workplace.

  • Program type: Survival Based
  • Involves: Trekking, Camping, Exercises, Wilderness Projects
  • Challenge/Endurance Level: 7/10
What makes Leadership Xpedition the most powerful leadership development program in South Asia?

Leadership Xpedition is a wilderness based learning and development program based upon action learning methodology. The learning experience offers profound – even life changing impact on the participants. They get an opportunity to explore their leadership potential and identify their personal leadership skills development agenda.

Real Life Scenarios: Real life business challenges demanding leadership competence are simulated in wilderness during the program.

Strong Theoretical Framework: The core of LX is Naseem’s 7 Leadership Behaviors Model.

Thorough Reviews: Each experience is extensively reviewed under the guidance of an expert trainer to ensure concrete learning.

The Magic of Nature: It brings out the best and worst in people. It will also help you connect within and achieve greater self awareness.

Key Takeaways

Through LX Basic Level – 1, participants will.

  • Develop leadership insight to achieve success in a complex and uncertain business environment
  • Enjoy strong relationship and bonding (beyond simple networking) with a handpicked group of managers from the corporate sector
  • Increase self awareness and learn to lead from heart
  • Devise solutions for real life leadership problems
  • Become more resilient to adverse situations and enhance emotional capacities for dealing with people
  • Walk away with tools and competencies for creatively solving conflicts and managing risks in the organization
Learning Outcomes

Through LX Basic Level – 1, participants will.

  • Understanding 7 Leadership Behaviors
  • Leading people in stressful and challenging circumstances
  • Decision making in uncertain environment
  • Personal leadership and peak performance
  • Leading Projects: Utilizing human and material resource for success
  • Exploring personal potential
  • Leveraging diversity and positive conflict in teams

LX is managed on the field by expert team.