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What is Outbound Training?

Outbound TrainingIt is of great concern for companies that individuals go for training but do not exhibit any of the new learning that they may have extracted from those training. This unhappy conclusion forces many companies to cut back on their training programs for Personal Excellence in their organization. On the one hand, those who attend outbound training come back with renewed enthusiasm. This is due to the fact that outbound training have an aura of excitement attached with them that indoor training do not generally induce. It is not because indoor training are not good enough. In fact, some indoor programs are much better executed and structured than outbound programs.

In Pakistan, in general, indoor training bring to mind lectures and written assignments that have to be done to get the upper management off our backs. To many it brings back to mind the dreaded days of school and college when you had to out in the requisite time in boring classrooms with droning teachers to get past a grade and into another. Most trainers, still assume the mien of an instructional teacher.

Studies show that passive listening, which is the case in instructional teaching that has a few worksheets thrown in, is in essence detrimental to learning. Individuals do not absorb as much because the mind wanders and the passivity hinders the brain from engaging in the discourse that is presented. Even when the individual actively participates in the classroom discussions, it is highly likely it is done for acknowledgement and the spotlight. The participant will more likely than not use the learning in situations outside of the training classroom, or at least not as often.

All the while, outbound training has the excitement factor attached to it. Going to a different locale, away from the office not only divorces the individuals from the scene of the crime(s): the workplace. It also provides them a much-needed chance to unwind. The travel time it takes to reach the location, helps the participants of the training in gradually letting go of the worries that probably accompany them to indoor training sessions.

Since studies also show that learning is very much associated with happiness. The outbound generates a general sense of happiness among the participants. They feel cherished and important that their company is investing in them by sending them on such trips. This feeling of gratitude brings to their minds a sense of ownership with the company and a renewed fervor to take as many nuggets as possible from the program. If they feel that the company considers them an important part they will feel more inclined to learn and use those learning.

Development through Outbound Training

Outbound Training

Using nature as the classroom is a progressive way to explore the roots of civilization when man lived much closer to Wilderness and faced problems and hurdles similar in nature, if not content, to the ones faced by business professionals in the jungle. Deriving analogies from the wilds, being closer to nature can give a lot of perspective to people who are too mired in the day-to-day mundanes of work life.

Connecting the outbound and training is a great way to help the participants unwind as well as learn new insights about themselves and others. If done properly, outbound training can have a long-lasting impact on the performance and attitudes that the participants exhibit.

People are more proactive when it comes to involving them in activities. There are activities that are specifically designed for introverts to also be an active part of. Because man is a social animal, involving them in outbound games, group activities, and Teamwork and group sports will cause increased connection among the team members, generation of a lot of happy memories and if the activities have morals or purposes connected with them – they will be further embedded in the minds of the participants.

The proactive and physical overcoming of hurdles and obstacles that are put in the way of the participants develops more resilience in them. They have a practical method of seeing how their efforts bear fruit and rely on themselves to solve the problems that are before them. Because of their active part in the games, there are greater chances of their mind sharpening to see the situation from different angles and getting to creative solutions post-haste.

One of the drawbacks of the sedentary lives that we lead is the dissonance between the mind and the body. We fail to remind ourselves regularly that a healthy and active body also stimulates the brain. We are so enamored by the work we do that we do not have time in our daily lives to connect with nature and keep our bodies healthy and fit.Outbound training give participants a chance to reconnect their mind and bodies. This in turn gives ways to a lot of dynamic creativity, emotional sensitivity and hardiness of the soul. For some people, outbound programs make them feel more alive, once they are away from the hustle and bustle of their sedentary life where they have, both, too much to think and not having time to think at all!

Outbound Training by Training Impact

We provides a wide variety of programs that are outbound based training. There is a mix of fun games for team outings as well as training designed to use the Wilderness in simulations. Nature and the outbound are conducive to the reigning method of training used by Training Impact, which is Experiential Learning.

The outdoors provides a great backdrop for people to learn through their own experience in the activities that they take a part of. The expedition styles training that Training Impact provides are especially powerful in their impact in the areas of Teamwork and Leadership Development. Training Impact also arranges resort based luxury training on various topics. The basic aim of these resort based training varies from completely fun based to completely learning based with some time for recreation towards the end. These resort-based training are specially recommended for the higher tiers of organizations and when the company wants to resolve conflicts and issues in a neutral, stress-free environment.

It is more often than not the case that the challenges thrown at the participants by the Training Impact Team, may they be fun or purposeful, wipe out any tension that may exist among people in teams. They are so focused on the here and now that they gain perspective, through the projects and activities, of what really is more important than the bottom line.

The large-scale marketing, sales and meet/greet conferences arranged by Training Impact have also been rousing successes when it comes to client engagement, happiness and learning. The needs of the clients are carefully studied and solutions are recommended accordingly. There is no, one size fits all as far as the Trainers at Training Impact are concerned.

We develop insight tools and programs for our clients with respect to their needs, requirements and perceptions.