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Hamza is a corporate trainer and a Master of Public Administration  graduate from Columbia University School of International and Public  Affairs. He has over 5 years of experience in consulting and training with  private, public and non profit organizations. He has trained over 5000  corporate and public senior,  mid career and junior professionals  at  organizations professionals like Higher Education Commission, Red Cross  and HBL., Civil Services Academy. His training programs have focused on  meaningful and concise communication, presenting analysis using  presentations, and speaking as a true business leader.

Following his graduate degree, Hamza is working on bringing critical  thinking and policy awareness to the mainstream of public discourse  around governance and politics in Pakistan. He is a lead consultant at  Training Impact.


Profile Summary 

Graduate of Columbia University, New York

Trained over 3,000 executives and managers in various industries

Conducted Retreat and Team building experiences for over 500 people

Lead Consultant and Training solutions specialist at Training Impact

Experience with turning organizational challenges into training outcomes

Runner up, Deloitte sponsored Consulting Case competition in New York, Columbia University

Graduate Consultant for Inter-American Development Bank, Jan-May 2019

Communication and Presentation Skills expert


Communication Skills

  • Public speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Intra-organization communication

Ethics and Values

  • Resolving ethical dilemmas
  • Developing ethical intelligence
  • Adhering to company policy etc.

Sales Excellence & Performance

  • Integrity
  • Selling difficult products
  • Overcoming mental barriers
  • Customer focus

Leadership & Management

  • Managing Crisis
  • Decision making & delegation
  • Team management
  • Accountability

Team Development

  • High performance teams
  • Building trust, communication
  • Handling conflicts

Total Trained

Developed and led various customized trainings, covering Concise speaking and writing, Listening skills, Communication etiquettes, emails,

Bank staff trained through multiple 1-day programs.

Customized programs covering sales staff of multiple regions (10 for one client)

Organized and co-facilitated experiential learning programs, led review sessions for analysis and behavior change, ran assessments, conducted detailed individual need scanning meetings.

Led and co-facilitated various indoor / experiential learning programs, including conducting exercises, assessments, reviews.


(Senior Managers, entry level)

Mari Petroleum, HBL, Bulleh Shah Packages, USIP funded projects, Berger




Kashf Foundation, FMC,


Coca Cola Icecek Pakistan, Indus Motor Company, Chiesi Pharma, HEC, Auvitronics


Abudawood Pakistan, HBL, Master Motors, ABHI, Unilever Pakistan Limited


~ 3,450

  • Public Speaking & Communication
  • Team Building
  • Self-Awareness and Identity

“Trainers don’t teach anything new! They extract old lessons from our collective subconscious and inspire us to learn and change.”