How to Communicate Effectively?

Communication and Leadership are both intricately linked together. If you aim to become a good leader you need to have an impeccable command over communication skills. The main reason behind the success of a team is always dedication and Teamwork, both of which are pivoted upon the vital art of communication. Effective communication can not only grant you success when working as a leader or a team player in the professional arena but equally so in the personal life too. The art of effectively communicating can easily be internalized following a path set out upon certain guidelines.

Developing Trust

A per-requisite to effective communication is trust among the people you are communicating with. If the people you are trying to communicate with do not have that level of faith in you, they might not really care listening to what you have to say. It is very important hence, especially if you are a team leader to develop trust among each and every member of the team so that an intricately linked web of communication is spread out to ensure effectiveness in the communication. It is this effectiveness that will further ensure the sustainability of healthy team building dynamics.

Simplifying Complexity

Being eloquent while communicating is a vital part of healthy discourse. The eloquence however does not in any way suggest flamboyance. The art of effective communication lies in the very idea of simplifying complexity, and toning town the flamboyance. Your message should be one that is easy to grasp or else people might lose track or lose interest in whatever you are trying to communicate to them, which would be something that beats the whole idea of team work and bridging gaps. Simplifying the complexities is hence an important part in the process of effective communication.

Recognizing Your Own Voice

Remember that effective communication is two-way. Good leaders know how to ask good questions, and then listen with both their eyes and ears. 1 This signals towards the idea of how Teamwork does not in any way suggests the overshadowing of your individual self. It is not only the team leader but every individual in a team who should recognize their own individual voices so that they are neither swayed nor easily influenced but able enough to communicate effectively on their own as well. This is a great team building strategy because it strengthens individually each and every team player giving a fair boast to the working dynamics of the team as a whole. The recognition and acceptance of your personal voice thus, becomes another important per-requisite to effective communication. The art of communication is an amalgamation of channelizing your personal strengths and using that strength to solidify trust with your companions. The faith in your individual self, along with the trust you gain from those around you helps you communicate with eloquence, that does not border on flamboyance but rather the simplification of complexities, all of which leads to perfecting the art of effective communication.

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