Organizations Change How the World Thinks

Hamza Naseem Iqbal

Organizations are the fundamental building blocks of today’s world; they shape how the world is ordered. In the futuristic world, corporations with massive influence and having a colossal amount of resources, people, bringing out insights will be shaping the way people think and behave. In that sense organizations are a significant building block and their influence on the world happens is going to increase manifold.

The world today looks more up to business leaders for inspiration than it does towards political leaders.

With that said, how organizations arrange themselves, how they interact and engage with their employees, that’s the way of changing the world – it will shape how the world thinks. Training Impact is conducting programs on how thought leaders are developed, and changing the overall mindset of organizations to pay attention to their employee’s wellbeing.

If you can change the mindset of the few people in the top of the organization; and they understand the importance of valuing their employees along with creating workplace cultures that are not just focused on output but also on empowerment and leadership, then you have primarily played a part in changing the culture of an organization, and in turn, the world. It can have far profound and long-lasting impact.

When you empower an organization to be more fluid and open to change, you are changing the way people think in an organization. In a similar vein of thought, Training Impact’s philosophy is geared towards impacting the culture of organizations so that they place more value on human beings, thus making them more socially responsible. These elements surface during our programs when people convene with nature and the outdoors, they get a chance to reflect on their leadership style and behaviors. The top management gets to realize there is a way of living and being which is different from what they have been doing, that it itself is a transformative experience.

Upon coming back from a program, it opens up new channels for them which were previously unexplored. For instance a person had a blind spot about how they interact with their colleagues, or team. Lets assume that person was not a good leader and there was something missing in his leadership style. After their experiences during the program and the ensuing debrief sessions, they start to see their leadership style from a different lens. Identifying the need for change is the first step towards transformation. When that development occurs, what opens up for that person leads to change in an entire organization – to look at ways of existing and being that were not open to them before.

Changing and augmenting organizational strategy, becoming more socially responsible, defining business as well social visions, influencing people and empowering them to change organizational cultures – that is what Training Impact is out to do.

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