The Most Common Challenges a Company Faces

Organizational failures, difficulties and challenges are a part and parcel of our business world. As the Learning and Development of new technology outpaces our ability to fully understand its impact, and as global reach relentlessly stretches organizational capabilities, life gets a little stressed, especially for those in management. Some believe that these daily decisions need to be made properly. A true crisis, if improperly managed, can destroy an organization. Following are the challenges that a company generally faces.


This one mainly holds true for small businesses rather than the larger organizations. Companies with a fewer number of employees struggle more than larger organizations to increase profit and sustain a feasible cash flow. Cash flow is not a prime concern for larger entrepreneurial startups; they prioritize capital below other concerns, whereas the small businesses of all sizes make an effort to increase profitability on an annual basis.


Hiring is a problem that is mainly faced by larger companies. As most of the small businesses operate on a skeleton crew, hiring is a problem which is mainly faced by gigantic business firms. According to a study only 29% of the small businesses have reported hiring crisis. This numbers is so minute that it is useless to consider it. Larger companies face this crisis mostly out of the reason that some of today’s top talent is opting to start their own small businesses rather than working for someone else, larger companies will likely continue to experience this obstacle in the coming years.

Keeping up with the Market

Keeping up with the ever so swiftly altering market trends and fashions is one problem that most companies face. Market research isn’t an activity that must be carried out only while launching a start up. Business conditions change continually similarly the market research should be continuous as well. Otherwise the company may be under the risk of Making Decisions based on out-of- date information, which can lead to business failure.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is not just ability. It is essential to realize that problem solving happens to be a whole mindset that fills up people with a drive to show their best sides and bring about a change for betterment of our world. Rather than accepting things the way they are. Most companies do not teach their employees about effective problem solving techniques. It’s a setback that can lead to a missed opportunity or even worse mishandling of the situation.


A quick, honest, full disclosure response to problems is the best way of controlling damage. Maintaining the trust of customer base and minimizing the issues of profitability, keeping up with market, hiring and learning effective problem solving techniques can lead to decrease in loss of sales or company downfall, ultimately leading to a lustrous image.

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