What are the Components of a Good Social Life?

We as humans consider socializing as one of the needs among all vital needs to sustain. Human beings are sociable creatures and we have developed many ways to communicate our messages, thoughts and feelings with others. Social skills are the skills we use to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language and our personal appearance. Having a healthy social circle is important for proper health of an individual. Following are the components of a good social life.


Functionally roles are the contributions to collective goal attainment .Role occupants are expected to fulfill their obligations to other people or a system For example, in a company a CEO has to direct his employees. According to Nodal, the elements of social structure are roles.


Most important component of social life is values or ethics. These are the most general or abstract conceptions of what the ideal society itself would be like. Individuals or groups are found to be emotionally committed to values. These values help to integrate personality or a system of interaction. Most important values of the business world are integrity, honesty and hard work.


In the larger societies of modern time, human beings deliberately establish certain organizations for the pursuit of their specific ends or purposes. These organizations, very often called associations, are group manifestations of life and common interests.


Teamwork happens to be an integral part of a good social life. This occurs when two or more players work together to make sure a performance goes off as planned, shows that we are adept players. Being able to work productively with a team is one of the most crucial aspects of achieving success in a business setting. It’s incredibly important for increasing creativity in the workplace, improving the quality of work, and also fostering healthy and productive employee relationships. Teams can accomplish work more quickly and effectively than people taking on projects on their own and collaborative work also keeps employees accountable to each other, which increases motivation.

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