What is organizational leadership?

Organizational Leadership is a management approach that dully targets an individual’s interests as well as group advantage. It is also a mode and a work ethic that empowers an individual in any role to lead.

Role of a Leader in an Organization

Basic role of a leader in an organization is the definition of organizational goals, plan formulation and plan execution by organizing people to achieve goals. Following are the modes to execute the aforementioned.

1. Have a Vision

Having a vision is crucial it defines purpose and gives a to do list of tasks that people are to follow and carry out in order to meet the required goals. It explains the market trends and adoption of new tech.

2. Devise a Strategy

Basically a strategy sketches out and articulates a plan. A plan or strategy demonstrates the job knowledge and skills of a leader. It includes restructuring organization and strategic management.

3. Employ the Proper People

It is crucial to employ the people who are not only equally qualified and understand the market trends, strategies and vision but also are motivated to work in a work space driven mainly with cooperation.

Tips for Effective Organizational Leadership

Following are the tips for effective Leadership


A leader must be very consistent in his job he must lead his crew properly and effectively. He must be committed on personal and professional front, and must be responsible. He must be a role model for others and set an example for them.

Confidence Boosting

A leader must keep his team motivated at all times. This motivation from the staff and crew leads to commitment to the company. A leader must be acquainted to all his employees, have concern for them and encourage them to take initiatives. This will result in more efficient and effective employees which ultimately ensure organizational success.

Team Work

Teamwork happens to be an integral part of organizational leadership. Being able to work productively with a team is one of the most crucial aspects of achieving success in a business setting. It’s incredibly important for increasing creativity in the workplace, improving the quality of work, and also fostering healthy and productive employee relationships. A leader must promote team effort and Teamwork. He should always support his team and respect them. It is important to approach the employees regarding all decisions very objectively; a bossy attitude is not only frowned upon but is also intolerable. Therefore a true leader should not be too bossy and should not consider him as the supreme authority. He should realize that he is part of the organization as a whole.

Organizational leadership involves all the processes and possible results that lead to Organizational Development and achievement of organizational goals. It includes employees’ involvement, genuineness, effective listening and strategic communication.

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