Why is it Important to Realize Weakness?

The premier step towards success has always been identification of strengths and weakness. One should be happy about the positive qualities and should try to develop them further by acquiring more knowledge through education, continuous reading, skill improvement and hard work. But realization of the weaknesses and shortcomings is essential and enables one to realize the hurdles on ones journey towards success. How you deal with your weaknesses can make you or break you especially in the cooperate sector. Following are the reasons for understanding weaknesses.

Hiring Opportunities

Open ended questions like what are your weaknesses can indicate a level of self-awareness. Explaining these weaknesses to the managerial staff helps you get placed in a proper position. This is important information for a manager as they need to evaluate your skills. Finding your work related strengths and weaknesses aid you in achieving a better deserved position in accordance to you skills set and qualifications. If you know your work-related strengths and weaknesses you can develop your weaknesses into strengths, and play your strengths to your advantage. If you know these things, you are likely to become a better work as you gain more experience in the work field and develop these aspects of yourself.


A leader who knows his or her strengths and weaknesses is self-aware. He or she can articulate with others easily and is able to lead others. Any leader worth following should be aware of and capable of articulating their weaknesses. Leaders who are aware of and can articulate their weaknesses are stronger leaders. As much as we all want to follow confident leaders, don’t minimize the importance of humility in them.

Personal Growth

There is no greater path to success than through your own self development. Those who are radically successful are immersed in themselves. They are endlessly curious and passionate about self-education and finding their own mistakes and working upon them. It is through self-development that you become ready and able to be proactive in all of your efforts, challenges and successes. By being proactive, you are not waiting for success to happen; you go out and make it happen. You may not achieve every goal you set, but as you develop yourself, you are guaranteed to live a richer, deeper and wider life. Making a commitment to your own development by realizing your loop holes is the first step on the path to living your personal legend.
In Steve Martin’s hilarious 1990 mob spoof, My Blue Heaven, his character laments, “Everyone thinks they have a sense of humor, but then they don’t.” In the same way, many of us think we know our strengths and, more important, our weaknesses but it’s not true. Therefore it is crucial to work upon our weaknesses.

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