How can You Tell that Your Team is a High Performer?

Well-integrated, high-performing teams–those that “click”–never lose sight of their goals and are largely self-sustaining. In fact, they seem to take on a life of their own. And it all comes down to Leadership. 1 A leader needs to assure certain dynamics of Teamwork that favor the increase in the productivity gradient of the team. It is only when you are able to pinpoint those very dynamics of working in a team is when you can decide whether or not that team is a high performer.

A Clear Goal in Sight

One of the most effective qualities of a high performing team is their unity in terms of identifying a single goal. When you see a team that functions upon the clarity of their vision for the future, and when you see each and every player in that team determined to attain that singular objective, you can tell how that team
is definitely a high performer. The responsibility begins with the leader defining that set objective or goal, and the team putting in their best team work to attain that objective or goal.

Genuineness of Ideas

Another indicator to realize if a team is a high performer is to evaluate the ideas that they present. A good team that has efficient Teamwork skills is never afraid to express even their most vulnerable ideas, understanding that even that vulnerability can very well be put to good use. This also creates an atmosphere of respect within the team where every team player respects the ideas and vulnerabilities of one another. This is an important team building strategy that makes a team, a high performing unit.

Ease of Communication

One of the primary secret behind a high functioning team is their ease of communication, not only with the team leader but also with their fellow team mates. The ease of communication allows fluidity in the exchange of ideas and a better understanding and clarity of the goal that is to be achieved. The quality of Teamwork also progresses as a result of ease of communication which is how this dynamic of Teamwork becomes one of the indicators of being able to identify a high performer team.

High Level of Commitment

The high level of commitment, being an important indicator of a team that is a high performer, can be evaluated on the basis of their involvement in the team building activities. The participants not only find strength to share their vulnerabilities keeping in mind the progress of the team, but also ask good questions that help remove confusions for the team and its objective of attaining clarity for future goals.
The high level of commitment can also be gauged by the willingness of the team mates to converse about all important things, even when they are difficult to talk about, and when the leader of the team also maintains that level of comfort with the entire team.

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