Why is problem solving so important?

According to Henry Kaiser an American industrialist “Problems are only opportunities in work clothes”. On daily basis we encounter problems. These problems might be as small and simple as a mathematical sum from a child’s book or these might be as complicated as that of obstacles faced by a businessperson. How we tackle these complications mainly show our problem solving techniques or how we handle certain situations, or talking in a broad spectrum, how we handle life.

Why is problem solving so important?

There are always countless ways to fix complications but there have always remained a few steps to tackle any problem that never get too old to stay in the handbook.

? Defining a problem

? Searching and evaluating a substitute

? Implementing solutions

Importance of problem solving

Altering the mindset

Problem solving is not just ability. It is essential to realize that problem solving happens to be a whole mindset that fills up people with a drive to show their best sides and bring about a change for betterment of our world. Rather than accepting things the way they are problem solvers work for the improvement of our environment. Consider how different our world would have been if there had been no legendary leaders like M. Ali Jinnah, Steve jobs or martin king Luther.

Opportunities for success

In reality the very wise and experienced business persons continuously thrive to improve their creative problem solving skills. The very compelling reason to do so not only lies in the facts like increased promotion or better work productivity but also in the recent study from the University Of Chicago School Of Business. Research found out that happiness depends more on opportunities and freedom to make decisions rather than money or connections. This means that the ability to make decisions leads to more and better opportunities for success.

Prudent approach

Problem solving skills can be improved upon, studied and mastered. By learning specific problem solving and Decision Making techniques, you can see problems sooner and make decisions faster and hence adopting a more prudent approach in the corporate world. This allows you to make more improved decisions in your job, and gives you more control over the happiness and productivity in every aspect of your life.

Improved leadership

The SWOT model of analysis commonly employed in problem solving sets out to help businesses analyze their company and better understand their respective operative fields. SWOT analysis is actually an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In this mode of analyzation the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of a business are outlined in a grid fashion, allowing the Leadership to quickly identify toxic processes and behaviors. This ultimately leads to a better business.

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